Who’s got the Most Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop #1 Singles… Jay-z or Drake???

If you know me you know how much of a Jay-z fan I am… so I wasn’t to thrilled to hear this news about him loosing his title to Drake!!! Congrats to Drake though I ain’t no hatter!!!


Drake has surpassed Jay-Z for having the most Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop #1 Singles. Drake’s recent collab with 2 Chainz, “No Lie,” has reached #1 and gave Drizzy the edge over Hov. Read more below.


Well that was fast. After snatching his first #1 single as early as 2009, Drake has surpassed Jay-Z for the most #1 singles on the Billboard R&B/Hip-HOp charts in the 70 year history of Billboard. Drake’s latest collaboration with 2 Chainz, “No Lie” rises to the top of the R&B/Hip-Hop Chart to become his 10th No. 1 hit on the chart.

Jay-Z scored his first R&B/HIp-Hop #1 single in 1995, with a total of nine records in which he was the lead artist in four. Lil Wayne is in third place with eight and Kanye West trails with six. Congratulations to Drake for making Billboard history as the most prolific rapper in the history of the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart.


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